6 Reasons Why You Should Use Shopping Ads for E-commerce Business

Are you an e-commerce owner and are still not using Shopping Ads? Well, you are missing out on a major portion of traffic on your website by not using Shopping Ads. Over the last few years, the Google Shopping Ad has changed the e-marketing strategies. 

Rather than using conventional text-based Ads, Google Shopping Ads use pictures to promote a product in search engine listings. Your Shopping Ads are available in two places: at the top of search results on Google and on the Google shopping website. Especially for small merchants, these ads result in increased visibility and creating brand awareness for the growth of their business. By giving you exposure, these ads improve your conversion rates and give you an edge over your competitors. 

Now that you know about Shopping Ads, here are some reasons that highlight their importance for the growth of your e-commerce business:


#1 Increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

Google Shopping Ads increases the visibility of your business to target customers. Accordingly, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of your website improves. Another advantage of Shopping Ads is that they offer a reduced Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for your Ads. Both these factors- high CTR and low CPC provide a higher return on your investment. A higher ROI helps in generating more sales and success in your business by adding value to your investment.

#2 Get Better Leads

A typical Google Shopping Ad contains a product image and lists all the relevant information about it. As a customer, it is convenient to know the product details like its price, brand, customer ratings, etc. Combining a visual image and a product description on the Ad yields better result than a text-only Ad. Even if the customer does not identify your website, he might find it tempting to click the Ad due to its price or rating. It is, therefore, no surprise that Shopping Ads have better CTR than the text-based Ads and provide better leads and higher conversion rates.

#3 Appear at the Top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

As an e-Commerce owner, you know the importance of the position of your business in SERP. Earlier, to rank higher in a SERP organically, you would want a customer to enter your brand while searching for a product. However, with the Google Shopping Ads, you can change that. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a large enterprise; you get enhanced opportunity to reach out to your prospective clients, even if they don’t know your business. Since Google uses a customer’s keyword, your Ad reaches to those who already have an interest in buying what you sell. Since you stand out from the crowd, the online visibility of your brand improves. 

#4 Get Wider Reach

Using multiple Shopping Ads help in reaching to your potential customers. For example, when a shopper uses a particular keyword, Google can list more than one of your shopping ads. Similarly, if the keyword is relevant, Google can combine a text ad along with your Shopping Ad at the same time. So, your ads not only reach out to more customers, their reach for a particular shopper also doubles. Since different customers use separate keywords to describe their requirements, Google checks them for relevancy with your products and matches them. As your Ads reach to a wider user-base, awareness of your products and services increases automatically. 

#5 Better Than Search Ads

Most of the customers want to look at the product before buying it, and Google Shopping Ads capitalize on this instinct. As your Shopping Ads give the customer a visual look of the product you are offering, if he clicks it, he is more likely to buy it. Visual images, product descriptions, and customer ratings make it appealing for a shopper to click on your Ads. As a result, Shopping Ads have increased CTR and are more effective than the conventional text-based search ads.

#6 Easily Manageable

One of the fundamental differences between Shopping Ads and text ads is the way you manage your ads. Instead of the keywords, Google uses the product attributes described by you to match search results. Rather than depending and bidding on the keywords, Google decides on the relevancy of your products. Every aspect of your Ad is simpler to access and manage through your Merchant Centre Account. You can use this account to browse your product inventory and create a product feed for the relevant items of your choice. Google uses your Merchant Centre data to display your ads on relevant searches.


The points above highlight the advantages of Google Shopping Ads for your e-Commerce business. By investing in these Ads, you get more value and better returns on your investment. Additionally, improved visibility and faster conversion rates generate more revenue to make your business successful.

By partnering with an experienced professional like AdtoRise, you can expand your business significantly. Our expertise across different paid marketing platforms helps in designing smart and personalized Ads to get maximum results for your e-commerce business.

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