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Whether it is acquiring new customers, increasing revenue, or getting fresh leads, we have you covered. Right from setting up your account, our vast range of services include:

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Is your online business generating enough revenue?

Are you getting sufficient exposure and conversion rate?

When it comes to online marketing, people often complain of less visibility, low conversion rates, non-optimized ads, etc. Most of these problems arise due to poor planning of the ad campaign. That's where Google Ads can be helpful. At AdtoRise, we excel at creating smart and personalized Google Ad campaigns for a target audience to get the maximum result.

In Google advertising, you can select several ad formats like text ads, image ads, video ads, etc. to promote your products and services. Additionally, you can optimize the ads for different platforms like mobiles, computers, tablets, etc. to reach out to your target customers. Depending on your business, you can use different approaches to reach out to more customers. For example, e-commerce business owners can utilize Shopping Ads, which combines visual Ads with text descriptions.

How AdtoRise can benefit your Business?

By taking the help of our paid marketing campaign management solutions, you will be able to get more value for your investment by eliminating unnecessary costs. Additionally, our solutions help in generating organic leads and improve conversion for the growth of your business. By letting us manage your Google Ad campaigns, you can expect the following crucial improvements.

Higher SERP
We understand the importance of Search Engine Results Position (SERP) for conversion rates. We use Google Ads to make your business stand out from the crowd and build your brand image.
Relevant Targeting
We design your Ad campaign to ensure that it reaches to a customer who is already interested in buying your products. By relevant targeting, your conversion rates increase substantially.
Wider Reach
We create brand awareness for your product by using multiple Google Ads with related keywords to ensure that your ad reaches to maximum users.

Better ROI
By improving Click-Through Rate (CTR) and decreasing Cost-Per-Click (CPC) through Google paid ads, AtdoRise can help in getting a better return on your investment.
More Revenue
We help you to generate more revenue for your business by getting more leads and conversions. We manage your google ads campaigns to make sure you get best results.

Ready To Improve Your Business

AdToRise for Better Results

At AdtoRise, as your google ads account manager, we thrive to make your every penny count in getting traffic on your website. By partnering with us, you can design ad campaigns that produce quick and better results. We will help you to get better returns on your investment (ROI) and increase the conversion rates in your budget. More importantly, it allows you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business, while we take care of the marketing.

As a testimony of our capability and expertise, here is a case study that highlights tremendous growth in business for one of our associates

How we Manage Google Ads?

At AdtoRise, we understand that each campaign is different and requires a different approach to get the maximum results. We excel in google advertising with a high ROI to ensure that you spend wisely. By working closely with your team, we ensure that we both are on the same page and work towards the same goals. From analyzing your historical data to monitoring the response of campaigns, here is how our google ads management services make your business profitable:

Icon Analysis and Modeling
By analyzing your data, we try to understand what works for you and what doesn't. Accordingly, we do keyword research, competitor research and plan your campaign to generate maximum ROI for your business.
Icon Conversion Tracking
Measuring conversion is more important than running the ads. We track every click, every conversion that occurs. Based on that, we reshape our strategies and plan for future campaigns.
Icon Tracking Search Network Advertising
From our google ad manager account, we can track the keyword performance. By monitoring the progress and tracking the engagement of your search network, we can update the keywords to get more conversions
Icon Multiple Ad testing
We can test multiple keywords and ads to determine which of them are click-worthy and generate higher conversion by A/B methods. Similarly, by testing different variations of landing pages, we can discover combinations that work best.
Icon Monthly Reporting
We make sure to review the performance of different aspects of your account once every month. Such a practice helps us in figuring out the areas that need improvement to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly.
Icon Finding Opportunities
We check the historical performance data for existing account and competitor research for new account and find opportunities to explore new campaigns, locations, target audience, Ad copies and many other important metrics of Google Ads.

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