7 Reasons Why You Should Use Paid Ads For Your E-commerce Business

Is your e-commerce website getting enough traffic?

Are you converting a significant portion of the traffic to your website?

Are you satisfied with the way your business is progressing?

If your response to these questions is not affirmative, perhaps this blog can guide you on how to make things work. Whether you are not getting enough traffic or you are failing to convert them, it hurts your business. Low revenue and reduced traffic can be frustrating. 

If you own an e-commerce business, you understand the importance of traffic and visibility of your website in search engines. In the competitive digital domain with low organic reach, one needs advertising to stay ahead of the competition quickly. Paid Ads help you achieve just that! Pay-per-click (PPC) is the most favored form of paid advertising for e-commerce business due to its lucrative return on investment (ROI). Backed by data, PPC is an advertising technique for easily scalable solutions in no time.


In pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad in a search engine. Irrespective of the number of times your ad is displayed or how many users see your ad, you pay for the actual clicks only. PPC offers a cost-effective solution and guarantees more visibility and better traffic on your website.After learning about PPC, let’s look into how you can benefit from it:

#1 Paid Ads are Excellent for Local Search


If you own a small business, you might want to attract customers from your locality initially. Paid search advertising is a great way to target customers located near your business. For example, if a person nearby searches for a product or service related to your business in his mobile, PPC shows your store. Additionally, he can get directions to your store or even call it right from the Ad.

#2 Paid Ads Doesn’t Cost a Bomb


Contrary to popular belief, paid ads are pocket-friendly. Since you only pay for the ads that get clicked, PPC is an excellent way to advertise in a budget. Moreover, you don’t need to commit upfront and can start small to test it. Additionally, search engines allow you to put a budget ceiling to ensure that the bill never gets out of your reach.

#3 Paid Ads are Perfect for e-commerce Business


Since the e-commerce business is data-driven, PPC blends perfectly in its structure. Rather than sending random spam emails to unrelated clients, you target customers based on data. Additionally, the approach for PPC is somewhat similar to that of optimizing an e-commerce website. As an e-commerce business owner, a PPC campaign resonates intuitively with you.

#4 Paid Ads Yields Results

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You can monitor every aspect of your PPC ad campaign and measure the results. Right from the number of clicks, you can check the cost per click, and sales generated from these clicks. These insights guide you in analyzing customer behavior and chalking out a better plan for your next campaign.

#5 Paid Ads Improves Your Brand Value


PPC ads are the best way to increase the awareness of your brand over time. Not all customers click on your ads every time it appears on the search results, but they all see the name of your business. If a person searches for keywords related to your products or services more often, he will come across your business several times. Increased exposure improves the brand value of your business over time.  As you can see in the above example, Flipkart runs ad for different landing pages as compared to the organic search pages. This way Flipkart increases its visitors and its brand value.

#6 Paid Ads Produces Instant results


While many businesses go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, they often complain about the time it takes to see results. PPC, on the other hand, gets traffic to your website immediately. Anyone who wants to buy something from Amazon will get directed to the desired page because of the sitelink extensions. In this way, Paid Ads have helped many businesses to produce instant results as compared to SEO. In a way, paid advertising offers a complementary approach to support SEO.

#7 Paid Ads Boosts Conversion


Apart from generating organic traffic, PPC also helps you in achieving better conversion. With PPC, you can target specific customers in your campaigns. It gives you the freedom to choose what you are selling and whom you are targeting. Since only relevant customers click on your ad, it improves the conversion chances of your business. Above is an example of how significantly Paid Ads can affect your business.

Paid Ads for a Successful e-commerce Business

As you might have realized by now, paid advertising is a sure-shot way of achieving success in your e-commerce business. The data-backed local targeting of relevant customers helps in generating organic traffic and improves the conversion rate. 

Whether yours is a small, medium, or large enterprise, AdtoRise can help you in setting up paid ads for your business. Apart from creating brand awareness, it generates revenue for your business as well. Contact Us now and start generating revenue for your e-commerce business.

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