Top Reasons Why Your Business Need to Invest In Facebook Advertising

Have You Ever Seen A Facebook Ad Relating To Your Interest?

Well, these might help people sometimes, but they are great aid for businesses to market their product online.

But, why are businesses investing in marketing their products online? While the traditional ways of cold calling and searching for an audience through networking in online marketing is giving a boost to the business as the Internet is reaching the masses.

Are Facebook Ads Helpful For Businesses?

Facebook business ads are proving to be advantageous for business to grow online. Whether a small or large business, Facebook ads are benefiting every kind of business. In a study conducted in the year 2020, it was found that Facebook’s targeted audience is 2.14 billion, i.e. it is the number of people Facebook can reach through its ads.

Hence, in today’s era of the internet, investing in Facebook ads is the right thing to do for businesses to grow.

What Are Facebook Ads And How Is It Shown?

Facebook ads are paid advertisements that business places on Facebook. Facebook targeting audience can be broad or specific. They are powerful marketing tools and can be customized according to the target audience. The Facebook business ads are shown in the newsfeed of the target audience.

The ad layout is framed in a way to attract the viewer’s attention in seconds. A call to action link is given in the Facebook business ad to take the audience to the business page.

11 Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising In Your Marketing Strategy

#1. Provide Different Campaign Objectives

A Facebook ad when created has three levels, a campaign, an ad set, and the ad. The campaign level can be customized according to the objective of the ad which can be of three types: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. It fulfills the objective of your ad campaign, like if you want website clicks, post-engagement, etc. You can create your ad around the objective to accomplish it.

These campaign objectives within Awareness, consideration and conversions can also be of different types like, brand awareness, traffic, video views, catalog sales , lead generation etc. The Facebook ad during campaign also lets the advertiser choose the buying type from Auction or reach and frequency buying type.


The reach and frequency buying type allows advertisers to control the budget, number of times people will see the ad and scheduling the ad in advance. While in Auction type offers more flexibility, more choice and the results are less predictable. In auction buying type ads can be places along different social media platforms like Instagram or Messeng

#2. Gives The Flexibility To Advertise On Different Platforms

If you think that Facebook business advertising will only place ads on Facebook, then you might be wrong. Facebook business ads can be placed on Instagram as well as it is owned by Facebook. They appear in Facebook as well as Instagram newsfeed and also between the stories. Other than Instagram, Facebook ads can also be placed on Messenger and Audience Network.


The best option to place the Facebook business ad is on Facebook and Instagram newsfeed as these places have the highest audience reach. While according to present algorithm if your objective is to generate views then you can place ads in Instagram reels as well. Instagram algorithm is supporting reels presently and can generate views rapidly.

#3. Opportunity To Run Different Ad Variants/Formats

Facebook offers different formats of ads that can be used by the business. The formats of ads include image ads, video ads, Leads ads, Carousel ads, slideshow ads, poll ads, collection ads, and instant experience ads. Businesses can run any kind of ad they wish according to the audience reach feature that Facebook business ads provide is test run.

Facebook provides different ad variations during the creation of an ad and you can choose the one which is performing the best.

#4. Audience Targeting Capabilities Are Exception

Facebook business advertising has another advantage of Facebook AI. The Artificial Intelligence of Facebook is exceptionally developed. It has cracked the feature of predicting user’s actions. This brings us to the concept of a Lookalike audience for Facebook business ads.

When you give Facebook an audience who has interacted with your business earlier, Facebook uses its AI to create a ‘lookalike audience’ who would be interested in your products. Hence, people in this audience will have chances to interact with your business.


Example 1 – Suppose you are seller of kids shoes and you want to target parents then Facebook has inbuilt interests too. Facebook creates a ‘lookalike’ audience base for your business and you can conveniently select the target audience while setting up your ad. The demographic as shown in the picture can be adjusted according to your target audience.


Example 2 – Suppose you are T-Shirt seller and sells T-shirt with birth month then you can target those audiences having birthday in particular month. While setting up the Facebook ad you can choose the target audience according to their birth month and the ad will reach only the audience with the particular birth month.


#5. All Metrics Are Measurable Except Conversions

Metrics for all Facebook business ad campaigns that are Awareness and Consideration can be measured. This help businesses to build their further marketing strategy to eventually increase their reach. But metrics of conversion ad campaigns are not easily measurable.

While it can be measured through different factors like costing per conversion and total conversions. This can be used as the beginning point while reviewing your results.

The way to grow your conversions resides in the result and hence, advertisers need to add different type of conversions for different objectives for their business.

  • Store Traffic Conversions- Store traffic conversions can be measured by people actually using the directions and turning up on the physical store.
  • Leads Conversions – Facebook ads of leads conversion scan be measured through the number of forms that are being filled up.
  • Calls – Facebook conversion ads with calling action can be measured through metric of clicks.
  • Catalog Ads – Catalog ads reach can be measured by purchases from the catalog.
  • Video Views – Facebook conversion ads with an objective of higher number reaching audiences can be measured through number of plays on the video ad.

#6. Allows Collecting Remarketing Data Through Facebook Pixel Code

Facebook business ad campaign tracking can be done through pixel code. You can place a pixel code on your web page and it tracks the data of the visitors. This data can be used by businesses to reach the audience who has interacted with them in any way. This will help businesses to remarket their products to such an audience. The iOS privacy update does not allow Facebook to generate accurate remarketing audience but a solution for this resides in pixel code.

Advertisers need to set up server side pixel event to get almost accurate audience for remarketing campaign. A chrome extension tool of pixel helper helps in accurate implementation of Facebook pixel. It works in the background and gives real time feedback on the pixel implementation.

#7. Allows Remarketing The People Who Have Already Interacted With You

Facebook has a great memory. It keeps a track of every user who has interacted with your business in any way in the past. You can extensively use this feature call Facebook Pixel to reach that audience and there might be chances that they will buy your products again. This benefit of Facebook ads is called remarketing.

Facebook Pixel is a tag which collects the data of re-visited people of your website. This works when there might be an incidence when users were interested but didn’t buy from you and use this data to show them remarketing product ads on Facebook.


It has inbuilt remarketing set up or you can create your own custom audience for remarketing and later use that audience at Ad Set level. For example: In the second image below you can a create custom audience with specified demographics and this can be used later during Ad set up.


#8. Flexibility to Add Custom CTA Buttons

Users mostly look for more information before buying a product. You can add custom Call-to-Action buttons on your Facebook business ad. This would increase the chances of the user interacting with your business. The Call-to-Action can be customized as, Buy Now, Sign Up, Learn More, etc.

These options will take the user to your website and eventually increase their engagement. Call-to-Action buttons play a huge role in increasing the interaction on your ad. You can add custom CTA in collection ads.


#9. Get Quality Leads For Your Business

When people interact with your brand through the Facebook business ad they also bring an audience themselves who might be interested in your products. This is another advantage of a lookalike audience. A user when engaged with your brand increases your reach within similar users.

This brings quality leads for your business through the Facebook business ad. Conversion pixels allow you to gather the data and reach your lookalike audience.


#10. Easily Scale Your Content Promotion And Business Page

What Facebook business ad does is amplifying your content reach. Reaching a large proportion of the audience is rather difficult organically. Through Facebook business advertising, you can make your content reach a wide range of audiences. This makes your marketing strategy easy to scale.

When a certain ad works, you tend to spend more on it till it exhausts its engagement. Marketing your business through Facebook business ads will help you reach the target audience easily and also scale the content promotion marketing strategy.


Facebook has an overall user base of billions. Hence, Facebook business ads are proving to be powerful marketing tools for businesses to market their products online. This increases the reach of the business and helps it grow. Be it small or large business, Facebook ads works for them and have budget-friendly offers. Its various features help businesses reach their target audience and increase their brand engagement.


Yes, you should spend money on Facebook ads to grow your business. Facebook ads let you reach the targeting audience easily and increase the sales of your products. From creating ads to seeing its engagement results, Facebook ads provide a range of features to help you increase your reach.

Facebook business ads benefit the business with analytics of its ad engagement to study which of their ads has worked for them. The business only needs to analyze the data and strategize its marketing campaigns further to reach more users.

Start small, with around $1.00 to $3.5 per day. Study the reach of your posts, and then you can start spending more to around $5 per day. The best budget lies in the reach of your ads. Facebook provides budget-friendly ad campaigns for businesses and helps them reach the masses at a very low cost.

Facebook for business provides a lot of benefits to increase the reach of business and eventually grow. It provides a low-cost marketing strategy, reaching existing and potential buyers, interacting with them. It also benefits in marketing the products online and can increase their reach to the masses.

Yes, you can still grow your business using a Facebook business page. While the organic reach through Facebook is dead you can still invest and run ads on other social media platforms through Facebook like Instagram newsfeed and stories, Messenger, and audience network.

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