11 Google Ad Extensions You Should Use To Increase Your Ad Engagement

Are You Spending Much On Google Ads But Not Getting Any Rebound From It?

Online businesses spend on the PPC campaign to secure ad placement on the top and keywords related to their business. Paying for these bids is crucial but does not give long-term benefits to online businesses. Google also favors ads that have a good user experience.

Then, Is There Any Other Way To Make Your Ads Worth User Attention?

Yes, Google ad extensions can help you in the longer run. When you use the perfect ad extension, the ad catches user attention, replenishes user experience, and also gives a rise in Click through rates.

Don’t believe us? Well here is an example of Accor Hotels, who wanted to grow their business using online marketing, and google ad extension helped them increase their incremental conversions by 14% and CTR by 19%.

What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Similar to their names, google ad extensions extend your ads with details that will enhance user experience. They are nothing but additional information in the main body of your ad. Several types of ad extensions serve their purpose as providing direct call-to-action links or other information.

For example, in the ad given below, Maybelline has added Google ad site links like Eye collection, Makeup Tips, and pricing for eyeliner. This attracts the user to click on the link for more information or buy an item.


Benefits Of Using Ad Extensions

If your ads are getting low clicks and impressions, then this is the right time to invest in ad extensions. These are some benefits you will get while using the extensions in your ad.

#1. Additional Information to Users

When users see an ad they tend to get more information like contact details or addresses. But adding more information in the ad itself is mainly a waste of characters. Google ad extensions on the other hand have to be added just once and can be enabled for different ads and campaigns.

#2. Increase Click-Through Rate

As the ad gets more information, users are attracted to click on the ads. The ad extensions help the ad get more click-through rates. An improved CTR also increases the ad quality.

#3. Gives Qualified Leads

When Google ad extensions give more information to the user about business it gets more clicks from the high-quality users. These are the ones who are interested in interacting with your business.

#4. Ads Get Authentic

The added details like contact no., and address of your business through ad extensions give authenticity to your ad. The users build trust through this information to further interact with your business.

#5. Save Ad Spend

Now when your CTR is improved, ad quality is improved you are getting qualified leads through Google ad extensions, automatically your CPC (cost-per-click) reduces. When you are paying less for getting all these advantages, automatically your overall spending reduces.  

#6. Improve Ad Rank

Google ad extensions when increasing your CTR and improves the quality of your ad it directly impacts the ad rank. The improved CTR and ad quality gives a rise in the ad rank.

Where You Can See Ad Extensions In The Google Ads Interface?

When you create a Google ad you go to the Google ad interface where you can select the option of extension and from a list of many types of extensions, you can choose the perfect one for your business ad.


11 Google Ad Extensions You Should Use To Boost Your CTR

Google Ad Extensions makes your ads attractive and makes you stand out of the competitors. These not only increase your CTR, but also it enhance the quality score of your ad at a great extent. These are 11 ad extensions that you can choose from-

#1. Sitelink Extension

Sitelink extensions are the most frequently used Google ad extensions. They are additional CTA links given in the ad that makes it easy for a user to go directly to that section of the site in which they are interested. These extensions hence attract the users’ attention and encourage interaction.

For example: In the below ad extensions like ‘Cheap Hotel Deals’, ‘4* Hotel Offers’, ‘Central Hotels-3km’ are all sitelink extensions.


#2. Callout Extension

Making room for the highlights of your business, callout extensions give information about the perks of your business. These extensions are only 25 characters long and are not clickable. They can be termed as CTA extensions as well which attract the user by giving the reasons to interact with your business.

For example: In the below ad the extensions in the yellow box shows callout extensions like, ‘Learn From Lead Data Scientists’, ’30 Real World Assignments’, etc.


#3. Structured Snippets Extension

While through callout extensions businesses show the big picture highlights, through structured snippets extensions in Google ad they can show the specific quality of their business. These are short clickable links that would take the user to key pages on the business’s website.

This type of Google ad extension also acts as a filter for quality leads. By reading the extensions, the user gets an idea of the nature of the business and only those click on the links that have common interests. Hence, results in getting qualified leads.

#4. Call Extension

This Google ad call extension specifically reduces the resistance between business and potential lead. Through this ad extension, business can add their contact no. in the ad itself. Users if wish can directly call through the extension. Hence, named as a call extension.

For example: In the ad below, the calling number of the business is given at the start of the ad itself which makes it easy for the user to click on the amount and directly contact the business.


#5. Lead Form Extension

These are the newest form of Google ad extension. Google ads lead form extensions’ sole purpose is to enhance user experience and reduce the resistance between business and potential count. What they do is allow SERPs to contact your business directly through your ad. They will not have to navigate the whole site and can submit their contact information through a customized form. Currently you can ask for Name, Address, Contact no., Postal Code, Email Id, etc.


#6. Location Extension

This type of Google ad extension is best for businesses where clients need to come to them to avail the services. The extension adds mobile no., address, and map with the ad text. Users can directly contact the business through the information available without searching on the website.

For example, in the below ad, there is location ad extension in red box, when a user will click on the address the direction will open on google maps.


#7. Affiliate Location Extension

This search ad extension is helpful for businesses that work and do collaborations. This is used by an organization or individuals who are affiliated with other businesses. When a user comes to your ad through affiliate location extension you can direct them to other businesses that are authorized to sell your products.

For example: When a user searches for a TV model, in the google ad they also get the recommendation of local shops which are authorized to sell that particular TV model.

#8. Price Extension

Pricing Google ad extensions are used to give the user information about the price of the service or product to the user. When you add the pricing extension in the google ad the user gets an idea and only interacts when they wish to finally buy from your website or business.

For example in below ad, the website has added a pricing extension in the Google ad for the service they provide.


#9. Image Extension

Image extension is used to add attractive images in the ads to grab the user’s attention. It can be used to expand the coverage of SERPs. The business can add one or more high-resolution images to add a visual factor to an all-text ad and grab users’ attention.

These images can be uploaded from the device, website, or social networking platforms of the business.

#10. App Extension

This ad extension works for that business that also offers a mobile application. Making your ad visible in the large pool of similar apps is difficult. App extension helps you to add a pop up for your app along with the ad to get more recognized. Users also more tend to download apps through the ads than searching for them on the app store. They also come with the CTA to install the app.

#11. Promotion Extension

Promotion extension in a way highlights your business among the other ads. Now, what it does is highlights sales and promotion for users who are searching to interact with your business. Be it seasonal promotion, for first-time users, or business discounts, the ad extension works for any type of promotion.


Google ad extension acts as google advertising by businesses and enhancing the experience of ads for generating quality leads and increasing their CTR. They are a free way of increasing engagement and replenishing the quality of ads. Using the right type of ad extension with the right kind of ad will give results. If you are looking for a paid media campaign agency to grow your business in this digital era, try Adtorise, we will help you to set up the paid ads for your business.


Google ad extensions are clips of additional information businesses want to give along with their ads. Google extensions are many types and eventually exist to increase the efficiency of the ad.

There is no cost to add extensions to your ad. You can add the extension by clicking on your and adding any type of extensions you need. Only Google advertising cost that is clicks on your ad are charged.

At once a maximum of 4 extensions shows in the google ad for any given time. Putting at least 6 extensions is advised to give while adding the extensions to the Google ad.

Search ad extensions are essential as they increase engagement and improve ad quality for a better user experience. The search ad extension provides more information to the user about the business, through which the user is attracted to interact easily and hence, provides leads.

Yes, while Bing and Google work on a similar policy of pay-per-click advertising, they do offer the same ad extensions. With the newest release on both the ad platforms, they offer the same kind of ad extensions.

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