10 Tips to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads for PPC Management

Are your Amazon product ads not amply visible? Is there no increase in sales despite relevant ads for sponsored products? Is your Amazon online advertising not giving you profitable results or eating much into your budget? Then it is high time that you review, revise and recharge your amazon sponsored product strategy.

Several studies in the eCommerce space have time and again indicated that Amazon publicists have been expanding their advert costs by more than 75% over the last three years since 2018. That implies the competition environment is consistently heating up. Thus, making it an ideal opportunity to take your Amazon promoting game to a higher level. But how do you do this? We will help you promote your Ads by sharing 10 strategies to optimize amazon sponsored product ads towards effective amazon PPC management.

But before that, for the beginners’ ease, let us explain ‘What are Amazon sponsored ads?

Sponsored Products at www.amazon.com are Amazon sponsored product adverts for individual product listings either by a third party seller or by even the main company. Where do you find these ads? Well, Sponsored items on Amazon  are right under your nose – when you type words to search a product, the sponsored ads will appear within the shopping results pages as well as on the product detail pages.


These are cost per click adverts that promote individual product listings at Amazon. Amazon sponsored adverts to help the brand/seller reach the consumer by making him discover the products and purchase the ones that they are actively looking for or are in need of.

10 Strategies To Optimize Amazon Sponsored Product Ads


#1. A Consistently Structured Campaign

Every Amazon ad activity has a basic structure of the Amazon ppc management. And a typical Amazon online advertising listing comes with the following characteristics:

  • A brand (eg. Samsung, Xiaomi)
  • A product category (eg. smartphone, camera etc)
  • Top sellers (eg. the top 10 brands of the category)

Keeping all the above in mind, you have to follow a consistent campaign structure. You may ask us why? Well, Because it can lead to repetitive ads which will be highly misleading.

#2. One Campaign for Similar Products/Category Products

One set of products is hunted via the same set of keywords made for that particular ad-group in Amazon online advertising. Thus, it is essential that when you create adverts for similar sponsored items on Amazon, these must contextually fit those particular keywords. And thus, must belong to the same ad-group.

But then ensure that the profitability of the keywords has been analyzed well, because despite being in the same ad-group, the profit margins may vary for different products. In short, you must study Amazon Advertising Cost of Sale very well before creating Amazon adverts.

#3. Leverage the Amazon Automatic Campaigns

In an automatic campaign for Amazon PPC management, Amazon’s algorithm constantly hunts for new and more relevant keywords as per your product listing and also your previous sales history. And at times, the Amazon algorithm helps you discover that golden keyword, which can sky-rocket your sales.

Simply, move it from an automatic campaign to the manual one for better optimization. Tools like SellerApp for Amazon sponsored product strategy, will help you do this faster, smoother and error-free since it comes with keyword harvesting features.

#4. Optimize the Listing of Sponsored items on Amazon

Creating an outstanding product isn’t enough; your listing for the Amazon online advertising also has to be a stellar performer. And how can it be made extraordinary? By ensuring the following key features:

  • A high-quality image or video or both.
  • Illustrate the product overview properly and ensure high-quality product description.
  • Use keywords in the title and optimize the description details similarly in bullet points.
  • Highlight the USP, but don’t miss the complete product information too.
  • Create a Q&A section at the bottom to answer standard consumers’ queries for customer satisfaction. Make it SEO-based for a higher organic rank towards an excellent Amazon sponsored product strategy.

#5. Reduce Cost By Doing Proper Keyword Research

How much do Amazon ads cost? Well, a whopping amount of PPC if you are careless. So how do we reduce the cost during Amazon PPC management? We follow the key steps below 

A) By Setting keyword match types for Sponsored items on amazon

Exactly matching keyword queries will bring the ad to the forefront and play the same

B) By Setting negative keywords

There are certain keywords with zero sales. All you need to do is simply mark them as Negative Keywords and your ad won’t appear for those keywords, thereby saving money on ads that don’t generate sales.

In the next step one has to choose Profitable Keywords via the following three-step process: 

Profitable Amazon online advertising via keywords is done in three steps

A. Know the industry of your product and research keywords based on the following questions:

— Who is your audience for searching and using your product?

— At what time of the day does this audience generate maximum search?

— What need does your product fulfill?

— What are the complaints against your product?

B. Gather Your Tools

There are various tools like the Google Keyword Planner, AMZ Tracker, etc which will help you find those perfect profitable keywords in a very streamlined manner to save time and energy towards an optimal Amazon sponsored product strategy.

C. The Test Drive

Use Amazon the way a buyer does and check if certain keywords you have enlisted bring you the current and most popular searches. If it does, Bingo, you are there with an excellent essential for an Amazon-sponsored product strategy!

Last but not least one has to Eliminate Poor Performing Keywords

Over time, Amazon PPC management also means keep reviewing your keywords and knowing – how does amazon ppc works. During the learning journey, you will understand that just a handful of effective terms will remain, that will ensure your profit. Remove the redundant ones. 

#6. Categorized and Optimized Campaigns Based on Product Profit Margin

Remember that offering sums will fluctuate as per the objective expense of deals and overall profit margins of various items. Whenever you’ve recognized the most useful profit margins, test your progressions by transforming each factor in turn and holding up a few days to dissect results. The A/B testing approach will permit you to affirm the progressions are for sure fruitful.

#7. Define your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale), Keep it Flexible

And how can you do this during Amazon online advertising? Simple: Lower your ACoS for best selling products in the Sponsored items on Amazon category, because a best-seller means the consumer will zero in on it very easily. On the other hand, when you launch a product or a company launches a product, keep a higher ACoS, at least for a short period. This will help you gain traction and earn reviews.


#8. Optimize Budget & Bids

Evaluate your daily expenditure on your Amazon PPC management strategy. Keenly go through the search term report and find out where your clicks are coming from. When you find the right keywords that are bringing you sales, you will be able to eliminate the unnecessary and keep your budget in command and optimized.

Now come to the next step – optimized bidding. It’s difficult to realize the ideal bid without investigating swarms of information continually, and nobody possesses the energy for that. Rather than toiling over your information, computerize the offering interaction with innovation that utilizes AI to expand your benefits.

#9. Track & Optimize your CPC Bid

As per the keyword, an optimal CPC bid keeps varying. Thus, in a manual campaign for sponsored items on amazon, each bid can be controlled individually. So wait a week before you adjust the price – thumb rule of CPC Bid Optimization! But then how to adjust the price for an optimal Amazon-sponsored product strategy?

A. If AdCoS for a keyword is above the target value, then lower the bid and test if the profitable AdCos comes to a desirable ration

B. If the situation is opposite of the above, then test if the ad’s reach and sales can be enhanced by raising the bid

C. If a keyword has gone inactive or generates very few impressions, then test if a higher bid can make it active. Else eliminate such non-converting keywords.

In short, don’t stagnate a campaign, keep updating it regularly, till your AdCoS reaches a profitable ratio in sales and reach.

Final Thoughts

Hope with above finer details will help you uncover the most profitable Amazon sponsored product strategy to amplify your Amazon online advertising via effective Amazon PPC management. Just ensure that your advert campaign works like formulaic science. Analyze the data from time to time the way scientists do, ensure that you have the right search terms under your belt and just be assured that your hard work will take your Sponsored items on Amazon to the next level.

All you need is a vision, a strict analytical eye, and lots of patience. And if you still find yourself stuck anywhere, you may send your queries to us.

Frequently Asked Questions On Amazon Sponsored Ads

On average, Amazon advertisers pay $0.81 for every click at an Amazon Sponsored Product

Yes, because an advertiser can use Sponsored Products towards any goal: To create awareness, to launch a product, to promote a product, to clear an excessive inventory, or even to showcase a best-selling item for a short term.

1. Set an Amazon Ad campaign duration & its budget..
2. Create and customize your ad.
3. Decide your PPC.
4. Submit your ad for review, which will be okayed within 72 hours if it meets all required parameters.

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