8 Tips To Create Brilliant Instagram Ads Copies That Convert

Social interactions can sometimes be a big challenge for people and despite turning all the stones around you, if you still feel that you are unable to create an ad copy that converts despite having everything. 

Then don’t panic!

You are not the exception to this. This happens all around the world. And needs lots of head turning exercises to do something different and interesting than what others are doing.

Instagram has graduated from being a social media platform to a marketing powerhouse. A recent study by Vidmob, revealed that more than 1/3rd of the users buy their desired products and services directly by viewing Instagram ads. With their Instagram advertising cost running into millions of USD, several companies are making a beeline to engage Instagram users and drive their online sales.

To make your ads more effective let’s dive in to explore some powerful tips to gain maximum return on investment through your Instagram Ad campaigns:

#1. Focus on your target audience

Target audience

Having a clear understanding of your audience is crucial in designing your Instagram ads. Once you know what your target audiences want and what they respond to or click, you can create engaging content. One way to get an idea is to browse through your previous posts. Go through your old Instagram posts and see which of them attracted more responses from your customers. Alternately, you can do some market research and find out what worked for other businesses across different platforms.

#2. Develop a creative concept to lure your user

Instagram, initially developed as a visual platform, allows you to complement your ads with images. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, or even more! Your ad writers can take a cue or inspiration from the picture for writing text or captions for the ad.

However, ensure that the ad content remains informative to the audience as well as relevant with images used in the ad. For example, in a fashion ad, describing the clothing worn by the model can be quite successful.

J.ing official Instagram Ad Campaign
Source: J.ing official Instagram’s Profile

In this world where a new technology is becoming obsolete after a few seconds of its launch. It becomes very difficult to get inside the mind of your customer. So whether it is a fashion model in the ads of fashion brands or technology you must have the power to grab the mind of your customers with attractive and appealing ideas which connects them with their daily life examples. In this way you can create a space in the heart of your consumer.

#3. Simplicity is the key to success

Rules of traditional sales have changed and how. Perhaps that’s the reason why television ads and infomercials are no longer a bankable.  Rather than being told what to do, present audiences prefer to decide on their own. Your Instagram ads should not feel like a sales pitch, so avoid using sales jargon in your ads.

Instead, try to be natural and gentle when you reach out to your potential customers. For example, the classic approach of using a tagline like “Hurry! Offer valid till stocks last” is less likely to succeed. Try to be simple and less demanding in your ads, and wrap it up in 1-3 sentences. 


Sleepy Owl Coffee Instagram Advertising Campaign
Source: Sleepy Owl Coffee Instagram Profile

Simplicity is believed to be the central point which makes your online advertising effective. As above in the example of Sleepy owl coffee, we can see that how simply they are informing consumers about their product availability in stock. Thus, many online ads makers advocate that your ad gets a huge response when they are simple and easy for viewers to understand. 

#4. Must know copywriting techniques

When composing an advertisement copy, make sure to keep it short, simple and to the point. Try to express your message within 1-3 sentences because anything longer creates the risks of losing your audience’s attention. Therefore in regard to make your copywriting more appealing and beneficial for users point of view try to follow the points mentioned below:

  • Your Instagram ad targets a particular demographic only.
  • Your target customers are familiar with your products or offer and do not need any introduction.
  • Your customers have already made their minds to purchase and just require a slight push.
Tata Cliq's Instagram Ad Campaign
Source: Tata Cliq’s Instagram Profile

Creating great marketing copy is the need of hour. In the above example we can see that how Tata Cliq is targeting a particular demographic i.e, women with a short and crisp impressive words.

#5. Maximize audience engagement for better reach

Since Instagram is a social networking platform, people don’t log in to browse through ads; they come to connect with their friends/followers. You can use emotive language and inject personality to engage better with your target audience. Starting your Instagram ad with a relatable question is the simplest and easiest way to get your customers’ attention. However, while crafting your questions, make sure that:

  • You know the answer already.
  • Questions should be easily answerable with a “Yes” or a “No”.
  • Questions should be positive and not existential.
Swiggy India Instagram Post
Source: Swiggy India Instagram Profile

When its comes to engaging with audience, the first thing comes in mind is Swiggy’s social media posts. Whether it is ad or normal Instagram post, they never fail to socialize with their audience in different creative ways. This strategy not only increases the reach, but also create positive brand impression in consumer’s mind.

#6. Write a strong call to action

Call to Action (CTA) is crucial to optimize Instagram ads. It doesn’t matter how appealing your Instagram ad is if it is not leading the user to take the next step or convert. Whether you are advertising a flash sale or introducing your new products, a CTA reminds your audience of further action.

Canva India Instagram Ad
Source: Canva India Instagram Profile

Therefore for making your Instagram ad more strong and attractive you need to showcase some CTAs such as Join Us, Get Offer, Learn More which aims to induce the people to take certain actions in order to buy products or services.

#7. Avoid Overusing The Hashtags


Although hashtags improve the visibility of your posts and enhance your ad campaign, overusing them might look like spam. Instead of putting together all the hashtags at the end, spread them organically throughout your ad copy.  This approach is the perfect way to engage your customers and increase the readability of your ads. As a rule of thumb, avoid using more than four hashtags in any Instagram ad.

#8. Create a sense of urgency in your user’s mind

creating urgency in user's mind

The algorithm of social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., thrives on scrolling. The more their users scroll and navigate through their app, the more time they spend on it. So the best way to advertise on Instagram would be to stop your target audience from scrolling by engaging them instantly. Creating urgency in their mind is an effective way to prompt your users to take action without thinking much. Here are a few tips to convey urgency in your ads:

  • Highlight steal deals by using phrases like “Sale ends tonight” or “Limited time offer”
  • Impress upon scarcity of the deal by stating that products are limited in quantity.
  • Imply deadline by mentioning the ending date and time of the offer.

Some Popular Instagram Ads to Overlook In 2021


Futurelearn's Instagram Ad Campaign
Source: Futurelearn’s Instagram Profile

If you are into the business of education, you must learn the techniques and quality of innovation which FutureLearn is adopting for spreading its customer base. It develops a wide variety of innovative ideas to inform its reader and user and help them in understanding what they want to say. In the above ad campaign, you will be able to see and understand how to connect with people and create new ideas to read the minds of your consumer and satisfy them with your answer in solving their problems .


MyNykaa's Instagram Ad Post
Source: MyNykaa’s Instagram Profile

Nykaa is one of the few best online Indian websites which offers amazing products of different brands under one roof. Educating customers regarding the products is its priority. Which makes it different from other. They use appealing color and big fonts so that user can get connected and stop there scrolling and look into the conveying message. They have used refreshing color to showcase the refreshment of deodorant. Therefore, eCommerce industries can leverage this feature of shopping tag in their ads so that user can buy products easily just by tapping on it, without taking a long turn by vising their platform and purchase the product.

Summing Up

This post discusses some of the proven tactics for succeeding in an Instagram ads campaign. Whether you use these tips individually or in combination, they can help improving your sales and provide a better ROI. If you are unsure about whether a particular strategy is perfect for your audience, it’s best to test it first on a small scale. Alternately, if you are a start-up with no working knowledge of Instagram ads, you can partner with a professional.

At AdtoRise, we have  highly experienced and knowledgeable team who are ready to design the best Instagram ads that make your brand more visible and increases sales.

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