What is Callout Ad Extension? How will it improve the CTR?

With Google’s Callout Extensions, the advertisers can promote their unique offers and services to the shoppers. When the customers see the ads, they get an idea of your additional offering. One of the most sought-out things online is lucrative offers. These offers are effective conversion tools and many advertisers, mainly Google Ads advertisers highlight them in search ads. Google has now started rolling out Google Ad extensions in the form of what is known as Callouts. It enables the users to add more text to the ad which helps to spotlight free shipping, price matching, discounts, and much more.

Why Should We Use A Call-Out Extension?

The use of Google Ads Callout Extensions is to improve the performance of the ads (which includes ROI and click-through rate). It allows the advertisers to stand out by including specific messaging in their Google search results. It helps to promote unique or popular selling points and the use of Google ads call-out extensions help you to appear in a high-rank position through the Ad Rank calculation factor. They can be added at different levels (campaign, account, or ad group). They are useful in highlighting specific or generic information. Google offers personalized Callouts that are optimized for mobile. The users change their messaging to reflect new messages or opt-out of display on specific devices.

How To Add Call-Out Extensions In The Ad?

It will not cost you anything extra if you want to add Callout Extensions to your Google ads. You will only need to pay for the costs per click. All the Callout Extensions are created inside the ad extensions tab in the View- Call out Extensions dropdown menu. Then you can edit the existing Callouts and create new ones. Just add callout text, choose the device and the scheduling preferences, and save. You can also choose to disable Callouts” if at any point you want to remove ad group-level Callouts and hide the campaign Callouts for specific ad groups. You can get more information on Google’s Help resource for Callout Extensions.

Google’s Guidelines for How to Add Callout Extensions

1. Character Limit


Google provides a specific Callout Extensions character limit to be adhered to while writing the Callouts. They provide call extension examples that will give you an idea of how to write these Callouts and what is the character limit. As it is a free resource, it is cost-efficient to ensure limited characters with the call to action.

2. No Repetition

To ensure a professional appearance in your ads, Google does not allow excessive use or repetition of words and phrases. It has a repetition policy for Callout Extensions, which means the text cannot be repeated within a callout or copied from other Callouts, site link text or ad text within the same ad group, account, or campaign.

3. Be Specific

One of the key policies while using Google Ads is to be specific and stick to the message completely. This helps as it ensures to the point calling out for the audience, and the ads can be kept concise without using unnecessary words or phrases. Thus, the ads help to bring out the action from the readers and consumers.

4. Use Sentence Casing


One of the major requirements while designing Google’s Callout Extensions is proper grammar. This also ensures keeping all the text in sentence casing so that it is easy to read and as per Google Ads policy for designing the ads. This also ensures that the Ads match as per the standards set out by Google for all its Ads.

5. Do Not Use Punctuation

Symbols and punctuation in the callout text serve no purpose are not welcome in Google Ads as they do not serve any other purpose except draw attention to the ad. Other than to drawing attention to the ad. It includes exclamation marks, punctuation at the beginning and end of the text, etc.

6. Use Proper Trademark

Google also asks the ad users to ensure proper trademarks, otherwise, it might remove ads or the extensions in response to trademark complaints. Advertisers will be responsible for not using the proper trademark use in the ad text, business, or assets. It is important to strictly adhere to the Trademarks policy.

Callout Extension Best Practices

  • Ensure that the new Google ads and automated extensions are relevant and focused on your product or services and are a call to action.
  • Ensure that the text is short and relevant. Stick to 12– 15 characters as per Google’s guidelines. This will ensure that you can use a greater number of extensions.
  • The extensions are not displayed in the order that you create them. There is no guarantee that specific Callout Extensions are included with the ad. It is thus important to make sure that the most important information, advantage, and USP of the product and services are included in the ad text.
  • Ensure no repetition or duplication of text in your callout text and keep all extensions different from each other.
  • Use proper scheduling to run the Callout Extensions in AdWords at a specific time or a day. This can be discount-driven or any offer is driven and you can schedule the Callouts on a specific time or day as per your marketing needs.
  • Create a minimum of 4 Callout Extensions. This ensures that you have as many Callouts to show with all your ads.

Below Are Some Of The Callout Extension Examples

For B2B Products


Image Source: komarketing

  • 100% Cloud Platform    
  • Adaptive Security
  • Advanced APIs
  • Auto Syncs Across Devices
  • Build A Better Business
  • Built for Businesses
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Easy Activation
  • Easy to Deploy and Scale

For eCommerce


Image Source: ppchero

  • 24/7 Support   
  • Chat Support Available
  • Dedicated Account Rep.
  • Fast Response
  • Get Hands-On Support
  • Handle Complex Cases
  • Local Experts   
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Support Without Wait Time       
  • Top Customer Service Reps

For B2C Products


Image Source: searchenginejournal

  • 2 Day Shipping
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Best Industry Warranties            
  • Best Rate Guaranteed
  • Call for A Quote Today 
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Easy Checkout Process
  • Financing Available
  • Free Shipping   
  • Free Shipping Over $99

Clear The Dilemma: Callout Extension & Structured Snippets Are Not The Same


Image Source: yoyofumedia


Image Source: yoyofumedia

Structured Snippets vs Callout Extensions, which one is better for successful ads? Here we will explain all the necessary points that you need to know before you decide which of these 2 is best for your marketing strategy. Between Callout Extensions and snippets, they are very similar when compared to the other and thus it becomes difficult for the users to understand which one should be used when and how they can be used properly. To understand which type of ad extensions are better for digital marketing for your business, you should understand what they are and how they should be used.

Thus, from the above discussion, you can see that Google Callout Extensions are highly flexible, and can say a lot in just a few characters. The Callouts extensions best practices help the advertisers to express their product’s key benefits in a limited number of words and they also evoke a call to action for your product or services and ensure that your ads become a success with your customers.

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